Like a rock resting by the sea, our goal in life is not to avoid the waves, it is to use them to smooth our rough edges and move through our days with a greater sense of loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity.

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What is the process for a yoga therapy session?
    I’ll work with you during an initial intake and introduction to develop an assessment based on the Koshas - the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health according to yogic philosophy.  With this assessment I’ll design a treatment plan of care tailored to your identified needs, with utmost attention given to safety and your specific goals for yoga therapy.  Yoga therapy sessions may include practices such as postures, breath-work, relaxation, meditation, mudra (energetic gestures and seals), mantra (sacred sounds), mindfulness, sankalpa (affirmation/intention), yogic lifestyle, and dietary advice. 
        Following our sessions I may provide you handouts, recorded practices, and/or other resources to assist you with your home practice.

What is the therapist’s scope of practice and role?
    As a yoga therapist I utilize the therapeutic application of yoga to empower you to live a life with improved physical, mental, and emotional quality.  As previously mentioned, there are many tools at the yoga therapist’s disposal designed to improve functional strength and mobility, as well as working through challenges such as decreased energy levels, elevated stress, anxiety, and relationships to oneself and others.  My goal as your therapist is to guide you with these tools in fostering a greater sense of kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity with respect to all facets of your life as you continue forward on your journey. 

What is the client’s responsibility?
    The co-creation of a plan of care is designed to help you take responsibility for your own process.  Clients need to possess a strong desire to create change. All of my clients are advised to complete home practices with consistency and a sincere open heart to allow the maximum benefits from practice.  While not a requirement, I encourage you set aside a space, preferably free of distractions, to participate in your home practices.  Please try to keep all scheduled follow-up appointments, notifying me no later than 24 hours prior if not able to make a session.

What is the process for referral to another health care professional?
    While yoga therapy has many tools available, it is not always suited to accommodate all issues you may be facing.  If during sessions there is an identified need I am not qualified to work with I will recommend an alternate practitioner.  With your consent I may share information as necessary with other healthcare providers to ensure specific needs are met while safeguarding personal information. 

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