Yoga therapy is very similar in pricing to a visit to a massage therapist or acupuncturist. An initial intake is required in Yoga Therapy; sessions last 90 minutes and can be done in the comfort of your home or even via Skype. Follow up sessions are 60 minutes. Prices are on par with what you'd pay for a good massage.

Sessions include take home practices and recordings of meditations.

Yoga and Yoga Therapy

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When I talk to people about trying yoga or even yoga therapy the #1 most frequent thing I hear is "I'm not flexible enough for yoga."  Trust me, if you can breathe, you can do yoga. Increased flexibility, while a benefit of the physical practice of yoga asana (poses), is a rather small part of what yoga offers. Don't know where to start? Email or call for more info.

Part of the Yoga Therapy process includes an initial intake session, which allows the therapist to develop a program tailored to the specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the client. During the intake session we provide a posture and breath assessment in order to co-create a plan of care for the client.  This ensure each session will vary for each individual or group. Session(s) may include, but are not limited to: centering/body awareness, prana vayu (energy currents) assessment, pranayama (breathwork), therapeutic mudras (hand gestures/seals), asana (postures), guided imagery/Yoga Nidra, meditation and affirmation or Sankalpa (to be developed during therapy process). Contact me once you decide to get started and I'll send an email with a link to my detailed intake form where you'll have to opportunity to share information I'll need to start working with you.


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